Water - msoriano

Watch. Wait. Wonder.

Point Isabel Sunset
The clouds hung low, shaped and separated by the soft breeze, forming undulations like sand on a seashore.
The bay waters, quiet, calm and glassy, receded enough to reveal the rocky edges of the cove.

I stood frozen on the edge--breathing, watching, waiting. Waiting for what, I was not sure. Magic, maybe. The perfect image, as if there even is such a thing. Watching the sun touch the waves, making them shimmer like flecks of gold, I press the shutter. I then breathe, watch, I wait.

With daylight fading, painting the rough shores an even deeper gold, I slowly shifted from waiting, to just breathing, and gazing in wonder. Almost mindlessly I press the shutter. And so willingly, I let myself get lost in what is in front of me.

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